Ameer Rosic

Founder, Blockgeeks

"Frederik is one of the best technical writers I have had the pleasure to work with. Extremely knowledgeable, fast and excellent to work with. Highly recommend him."

Titus Adenugba

Blockchain Solution Architect

"Frederik is readily available to help and share value. He is passionate about driving innovation across Africa and provide the means to connect both foreign investors and African startups."

Camila Froede

IT Consultant

"He is resilient, self-confident and motivated, leading by example. In the intersection of our jobs he was always available and very responsible, bringing up new ideas and good discussions to the community."

Ayuba Muazu

Blockchain Developer

"Working with Frederik Bussler has expanded my insight on how a startup should be properly managed. Frederik is not only an intelligent fellow with in-depth knowledge about emerging technologies, but he is also a manager, focused businessman, determined, and always right on time. Working with him has been amazing."

Joey Bertschler

PR/marketing Specialist

"He keeps a level head and is not afraid to step out of comfort zones as he thinks outside of the box with a bird view - both short and long term... his impeccable intellect comes paired with both emotional intelligence and a sharp mindset."

Suvrajit Saha

Founder, klimazone Labs

"I was absolutely impressed by his conceptional intelligence and cerebral flexibility. Frederik became my co-founder at EinFarm and I was amazed (no exaggeration) by his commitment, dedication, involvement, and speed...What struck me most was the complete ownership he took for his work. That is very rare."

Dallas Tatlow

Chief Operating Officer, VibraVid

"Frederik has an impressive understanding of token security and creation. Eager to assist and diligent with his audits, reports are simple to follow and to the point. Highly recommended!"

Deepanshu Setia

ML Engineer

"Great time working with him. Frederik's thoughts are really remarkable and in the short span of time I interacted with him, I really found his vision interesting."

Gbolade Emmanuel

CEO, Termii

"Frederik's push and interest in technology focused businesses has brought him closer to Africa (the next big frontier). I am glad to work with him as we support technology driven ventures solving social issues across Africa."

Frederik Bussler

"And now - I am unquestionably, undoubtedly, the greatest [marketer] of all time. It's not even a question at this point." - Kanye West - Me