Hi, my name is Frederik.

‣ 1,000+ published articles across VentureBeat, Forbes, Hacker Noon, and more

Medium content with 300,000+ views

‣ Top Writer in Artificial Intelligence and Education on Medium, 4,000 followers

‣ 5,000,000+ views and 23,000+ followers on LinkedIn

‣ 22x speaking engagements including Fortune 50 keynote

‣ Most read author with 2 of 35 featured stories on Hacker Noon

Author of AI-Powered Commerce

‣ Founder of GPT-3 startup (acquired)

I also public speak...

Slush Tokyo

China Bio-Industry Convention

World Data Science Forum

Nikkei Event

Security Token Alliance Launch


I'm connected. I'm a member of...

European AI Alliance

MIT Tech Review Global Panel

HBR Advisory Council